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AS PEOPLE ARE MORE ENGAGED IN SOCIAL MEDIA AND THEY DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THEIR NOTIFICATION ON DAILY BASIS, Do you know? In 2021 there are 4.2 Billion users as per the research using Social Media!

Who can deny the huge popularity and spread of social media platforms among people of all age groups across the globe? From teenagers to 70 years old, all are into social media. Social media has facilitated communication eliminating the barrier of borders and made it easier to connect with people. Youth are engaged due to its multi-functionality. 

They obtain information and entertainment, they communicate, they socialize, they put up their opinion, showcase their talent, share moments with friends, participate in social movements and do a lot more in it. 

On the other hand, elders use it primarily as a way of communicating easily with friends and families staying abroad. Later, when they start knowing it well, they also commence doing various activities. So, for various reasons people are on social media. Now, here is the reason why Social Media Marketing is needed to grow your business faster and reach your target audience effectively.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In simple words, it is to promote business through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What’s app, Tumblr, etc. through sponsored advertisements that can be shown in the timelines of many users interested in similar products like yours. It is to create advertisements for social media platforms to convey a message that attracts and persuades.

Being the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we understand the digital marketing challenges and thus dedicate ourselves to provide the best solutions. In this extremely competitive market, we know how social media has come up with a new dimension in digital marketing. Here, you get maximum users to see your business if you know the right way to showcase. All the people in the platform are users and here it is a direct approach to them. When you make the right approach, surely you are going to touch the user’s heart. Whosoever is watching you in social media is a user and actually, reaching people through Social Media Marketing(SMM) is quite easy if you just know how to do it. Now, to use the most effective and fruitful ways of Social Media Marketing you should come to us as we craft each task with care, sincerity, passion and dedication.

The importance of social media marketing is that it brings the product and the company closer to the target audience.

Social media marketing can be done in a few ways:

– By blogging,

– by using social media and

– by using both. 

Before jumping to the conclusion that Social Media Marketing is effective, let us know why-

1. Wide Reach

You can easily catch up with people from across the globe through social media platforms. It is evident that most people are using Facebook mostly and then there are Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. So when we know this, we upload content on any of the preferred platforms and people get to see it. We normally put paid advertisements as they get more visibility. They appear on the wall and if it is of the user’s interest, he would definitely stop and see the advertisement. Social Media Marketing(SMM) uses global data to reach your target audience. Depending on our target audience, as we post on these platforms we reach many people in a minute easily. We remain very sure that people would notice as we know people are regular in social media. Hence, SMM is a suitable way to reach the masses.

2. Cost Effective

Though the advertisements are paid, once you conquer the market, you would achieve much more than you paid. That is the magic of this world- if you invest in the right time in the right place you would surely become successful. Paid advertisements ensure maximum visibility online which is actually an amazing thing. Even if a user isn’t interested, your ad remains somewhere on the back of his mind. Whenever he would need the product, the ad would come first on his mind and he may revert back to you. This is the trick of persuading people by constantly appearing in front of them and sticking to their memory. So, the amount you pay is worth as you get the best result through it taking your business on the top.

3. Brand Awareness

Yes, when you constantly show up on the screen, the brand logo and style hits them and sticks in their mind. Like, you remember the jingle of the app ‘Gaana’- ‘Bas bajna chahiye Gaana’. This is how brand awareness is created. You attach a logo or a motive or follow a style that distinguishes your brand from others. Now, when the users consistently see your brand logo and style, they automatically memorize it. This develops a brand identity and awareness showing up your uniqueness. Social Media Marketing helps you sponsor ads to build an audience base. 

4. Effective Message

Usually, the social media advertisements are very clear and explanatory in nature. Any graphics, image, text or videos can be used for marketing. They are created very carefully to correctly convey the message. As there remains no restriction, you get the liberty to express your message clearly. You can choose any length of video, any striking image to be attached, any expressive graphic design or any bold text that portrays your brand the best. You portray it in your own way. This helps you to convey the message correctly. You get the freedom of expressing and this provides you the chance to explain in the best possible way to convince people. You may make it as attractive and dynamic as possible by reaching out the message effectively.

5. Faster Growth

When you get an audience to follow you, your growth is unstoppable. You keep influencing more and more people through reaching them and you develop faster. Paid advertisements in social media generally work like magic as millions may connect to you very easily and quickly. Communication is faster here and reach is wider. So, even if you struggle in the primary stage to beat others, some days, when you start touching people’s hearts you would just keep moving forward. Your business will achieve more revenues gradually in a very short time and you would create your brand identity. You become trustworthy and more people would get attracted to developing your business day by day. So, it is a good way to prompt your business growth.

Are you convinced enough why and how SMM can amazingly help your business to grow and develop faster than ever? Let us tell you that we are sitting right here to help you out even if you are in a dilemma about what to do. We are experienced and skilled confirming that we would never disappoint you.

You might be thinking about how we do social media marketing to convince people and how we are unique. Well, let us give you an overview of the steps we follow to make the most striking and impressive advertisements ever.

6. Research and Choosing Platform

We don’t directly start making advertisements. To apply all the techniques correctly, we do market research. We analyze other companies in the market and compare companies similar to yours. We do extensive research before acting. We choose who would be our target audience and accordingly decide the correct platform(s) to put the advertisements. We deeply examine each platform and understand which platform can help us in reaching our target audience. We also consider many other factors to finalize the right platform for advertisement. We also build unique strategies and tactics so that we can pull more audience towards us. We add that unique point that can make us stand out in the market.

7. Deciding the Content

After we understand every dimension of your product and business type, we shall now decide which content can express your business the best. It can be text, image, graphics, audio, videos, etc. which carry the message and explain it properly. It is not about deciding the format but it is also to understand how you can convey the message. We must know how we should portray it. There are advertisements that indirectly tell about the product. Social message advertisements are there too. Some advertisements showcase a motive through stories and some are very straight and direct. So deciding the correct approach is also necessary. Our expert members do this fine task with patience and come up with the most effective tactic to conquer the world of social media. We work very efficiently and carefully to avoid any mistakes and get maximum output.

8. Creating Content for Advertisement

Now, considering all aspects, we start making the content. We take quality footage and photographs to support your product in the best possible way. As we never compromise with quality and we know the significance of quality content, we craft the content with care. We have technical and creative teams to operate each task. We have separate teams for writing content, scripting, for photography, cinematography, editing, graphic designing, etc. Each task is handled by professionals thus reducing the risk of bad quality or mistakes. We carefully decide each step to make the most suitable one for the platform to express your brand in the best possible way. We also add appeals to evoke emotion in people. We use humor, fear, love, social issues to create a perception and hit the viewers’ minds. We know exactly how to attract people and engage them. We know how to create captivating content that is unique but understandable. Content is the life of your brand showing your motive, your style, nature, your uniqueness and identity. So, we always make it carefully. And in the case of SMM, content is the only factor in your advertisement that carries your identity.

9. Distribution

Now, we apply for sponsorship and complete all the legal procedures to show our advertisement on platforms. There are a series of works to be completed with the social media platforms and then our advertisements can appear marked as ‘sponsored’.

10. Measuring

We now see how effective our advertisements are. We monitor the activities of the users and try out creating more effective content. We keep an eye on our performance to know if it has been made and placed correctly or not. We constantly keep improving to upgrade our content and provide something new to our audience. Audience in social media never likes to see the same content repeatedly. So, we keep modifying the advertisements maintaining the same style as that carries your brand identity. We keep measuring our performance and keep developing new and advanced strategies.

The work is persistent. You can never stop working in the virtual world. You can never relax because meanwhile some other company can occupy your place. Inactive businesses are not appreciated in digital marketing. Also, it is difficult to comprehend the different branches and functions of digital marketing for a common person. Only an adept can efficiently handle each task of digital marketing. As Social Media Marketing has given success to many entrepreneurs, it is considered as a trusted marketing way. But, everything becomes useless when you don’t know the right way to implement it. That is why consulting an expert is mandatory to make it worth it.

Being the best and hard working social media marketing agency in Mumbai, we ensure quality as we trust on professionals who are trained, passionate, skilled and experienced. They have studied and adopted multiple ways of ruling in the market. They work ceaselessly following up each activity so that they can modify content. They all love to explore new ways of marketing and thus successfully come up with advanced and unique ideas.

If you are looking forward to taking your business on the top but still trying to figure out how, then here is your friend waiting to help you. We love connecting with passionate people and do our best to reach their goals. Your satisfaction is all we want. When you come to us, your dream becomes our dream and we together work towards making it true. We would love to be with you in your journey towards success. Visit us today and we promise that you won’t regret it. Good luck!

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