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Roughly two billion people worldwide use their smartphone as their lone internet device, representing 51% of global mobile users. People are searching for you online, we will make sure you are available for them.

Hotel industry is growing fast and so is the need of hotel internet marketing. Digital marketing has taken over all other marketing procedures and hotel business is relying hugely on online marketing. Digital marketing in hotel and hospitality industry has proven to be the best way to reach people and earn revenue faster than ever. While the global people have merged into the world of internet, ignoring digital marketing would be a direct threat to hotel business. 

Nowadays, guests don’t move hotel to hotel to find a room or pre-book months ago as the facility of booking room online is available. It is not only about residential hotels but people can also book restaurant tables online for a special date or occasion. Even famous hotels like J.W Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt Regency etc. have their websites, social media pages and also they promote their hotels through various hotel booking apps.

Also, the restaurants are regular on digital media and proposed various facilities online which has gradually uplifted their popularity. So presently, there is no substitute of digital marketing in hotel industry. In conclusion, a digital marketing agency for hotels can be a great asset for hotels.

RECENT STATISTICS STATES THAT, 67% OF THE HOTEL BOOKINGS ARE DONE ONLINE WHICH IS THE EVIDENCE THAT PEOPLE MOSTLY PREFER ONLINE ROOM BOOKING. Now let’s shed some light on why people prefer online room booking and restaurant booking.

  1. The guest can be sure that his room is reserved for him when he books online. In pick seasons, first come first serve policy is applied where he may not get a room and end up running from one hotel to another. But, in online booking, it is confirmed that his room is ready as he receives the confirmation message/ email.
  2. Previously, the guests wouldn’t have known about the room or what facilities they could get until they reach the hotel. But now, hotel websites provide all details of the services, facilities accompanied with room photos. He can also see the view he would get from his room. He can choose a room he likes by checking the photos and the facilities. This benefit has tempted the guests and this is one of the main reasons of why people prefer online booking.
  3. Guests can select a hotel according to their budget. In digital market, there are hotels for all budgets and one can choose according to his requirements. Also, digital platforms are great for getting offers and discounts which people won’t receive otherwise.
  4. Payment method is excellent in online booking. Cashless transaction is an attraction for guests and for pre booking they can easily transfer an amount to the hotel account and receive an online receipt.
  5. One can check the exact location of the hotel which is a great advantage. He can choose a spot and search for hotels. If he is visiting for work, he may pick a hotel near his workplace. Even for tourism, he can browse for hotels near the main spots.
  6. Table reservation in restaurants is another tempting option that users get online. Restaurants have grown largely through search engine marketing and social media marketing welcoming more customers. One can book halls and restaurants for celebrating an occasion or having a meal with a special person or family. They may suggest decorations and arrangements and all can be done online. This service has influenced customers to move towards online restaurant booking. Also, they may learn about discounts, offers and special day arrangements from online platforms.
  7. People often prefer spending weekends and holidays in luxurious resorts for privacy and a soulful experience. Online resort booking is on trend as they get to know all the services and facilities, get discounts, choose according their demands and preferences and book.

But the question is all the hotels and restaurants are competing hard in digital market. How can your hotel surpass other hotels and make a way to the top of success? Here is why you need a hotel internet marketing company to handle your website and social media pages for the best outcome as they are professional and experienced. Lets highlight that how a hotel online marketing can help your business to flourish and see a drastic change in online visibility and reputation

Digital Marketing for Hotels Industry?

Hotel online marketing strategies are extremely helpful in uplifting your search engine ranking, building online reputation, receiving organic traffic and earning more. We being the best hotel digital marketing company, craft a search engine optimized website for your hotel adding the most searched keywords and posting the most striking and original content. We have website designers who create a clean, informative and attractive website with proper segments for different information, relatable pictures, graphics and videos to give a first class look to it. We keep adding engaging content on hotel business and justifying the reasons to choose your hotel for best staying experience. This helps to get organic traffic and naturally increases the SERP ranking. Also, we regularly post updates to hold our position.

We make advertisements for various platforms so that we keep appearing to the viewers highlighting the offers and facilities so that we can immediately make an impact on the viewer. We make digital posters, graphics and short videos so that we can increase our online visibility.

Social media marketing for hotels can be very effective and meticulous execution of marketing strategies can make a drastic improvement in your business. We create pages in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to reach all kind of customers where we put a striking logo, update content which are informative and interesting, use purposeful hashtags and make social media advertisements to settle down in users’ mind. Our motive is to create an impact on the users so that whenever they need a hotel they would choose yours.

Emails are extremely useful as we directly approach them informing about hotel and offering discounts. Also, we can link your hotel to the hotel booking applications so that you get an additional channel to reach your audience. All these activities will make an increase in your SERP ranking too.

Blogs help a lot to direct the audiences towards your hotel website. We regularly put blogs regarding tourism and various tourist spots which can tempt and enthrall the readers and redirect to your hotel website.

Digital marketing campaigns for hotels are also executed for better communication with the audience. We keep regular communication with the customers and try replying fast to their queries to build a strong customer relationship. This also helps us to understand their demands and we can upgrade accordingly. We receive reviews and keep posting the positive one so that more people get motivated. We constantly try maintaining the hotel’s online reputation by highlighting the positive parts and hiding the loopholes. We keep measuring our activities and record the outcomes to identify the drawbacks and work on them.

There are more techniques and tricks to be applied which are only known and studied by the experts. The competition is at the peak and thus only a hotel digital marketing agency can help you in facing the marketing challenges.

Digital Marketing for Restaurants

The number of people eating out has increased remarkably over years. Even the small local restaurants are opening their websites for better publicity and inviting more customers. But mainly for 3star, 4 star and 5 star restaurants, digital marketing is an unavoidable option. Also, the established brands like Starbucks, Nando’s, Pizza hut, etc. have their mobile applications for providing better service and facilities and invite more customers.

As a restaurant internet marketing company, our duty is to build strategy and apply them to create a brand value and drag more customers towards your restaurant.

For search engine marketing and improving SERP ranking, we firstly create a website that stands out. We don’t compromise with the quality and make sure that the website is well functioning and proper. Our web designers carefully decorate the website glorifying all the positive facts about your brand. We aim to make a website which is user friendly and easy to use. We add up all designing elements to give it a clean and decent look. The style is kept similar to create a brand identity. We greatly focus on the content we put as content marketing is the biggest trick to upgrade a website. Food content marketing is an appreciated topic online. Thus our target remains to add enough content about restaurants, food and on related topic to attract all food lovers. We focus on stuffing versatile and well-researched content so that it looks authentic and genuine. Also, related keywords are included for SEO. As we keep working on the quality and quantity of the website, we gradually improve our online visibility and ranking thus developing your business.

When choosing a digital marketing agency for hotels, be sure to select one with experience in the hotel industry. The agency you select should also be able to provide a comprehensive suite of services, including website developmentsocial media management, and online advertising.

Social media marketing for restaurants is very important as people love to follow these pages on social media platforms. Now the trick is to keep the pages up-to-date and provides posts daily. When your page appears regularly it hits the user’s mind and he will revert to you when needed. We use hashtags, keywords, relatable graphics, tempting photos and exciting videos focusing all the bright sides about your brand to make a good impression.Digital marketing agency for hotels can also help hotels manage their reputation and interact with guests through social media.

We being best digital marketing agency for hotels surely create advertisements where we may focus on some exclusive offer you provide or a special dish you serve. The motive is to show something which is new and exciting to the viewers and intrigues them to visit your restaurant. These advertisements help you in getting more online visibility thus increasing your revenue and developing a brand value. Also, we provide updates through email marketing to make a direct approach. We try interacting with the customers to satisfy them as providing quality service is the main goal. We hugely focus on fulfilling the users’ demands for customer satisfaction because only the satisfied customers can take your brand to more people. Other people can really feel motivated to visit your restaurant when they see positive reviews online. All these tasks ultimately help to increase SERP ranking of your restaurants.

We can also create mobile applications for your restaurant or affiliate with restaurant booking applications so that more people can know about your brand. Apps provide discounts which attracts the viewers. So, this can also be done for more publicity and revenues.

There is a huge scope for restaurants to grow only if the right strategies are applied. We apply all possible techniques and use advanced technologies to get the best result. Digital marketing agency for hotel are a great way to promote your hotel. They can help you develop an online presence, reach out to potential guests,and manage your reputation.

Digital Marketing for Resorts

People looking for a peaceful and luxurious holiday often search for resorts. Many people prefer visiting resorts for privacy, solace and quality time spending. So, for those people we must provide websites for easy booking. We do search engine marketing and social media marketing for better visibility and create online reputation so your resort gets a good rank.

We try to highlight the facilities that a user will demand and we glorify the benefits with mind blowing photos and videos that fill one’s heart. A decent website will work effectively on people looking for a resort. We keep the approach very subtle and soft so that it looks genuine. The aesthetic matters the most in resort marketing and we design accordingly.

We simply beautify the website and social media pages with graceful pictures, engaging videos and striking content. We may provide blogs and articles that mainly focus on relaxation and quality time spending. Also, we add up that how your resort can fulfill all the demands of the user. We create an overall impression through multiple strategies and marketing techniques.

Certainly, hotel, restaurants and resorts have flourished over past years and digital marketing played a big role behind it. Its benefits are real and genuine which can greatly impact your business. But only a professional handling can help you to reach the target.

We being best digital marketing agency for hotels suggest you to come to us as our experts have extensive knowledge and experience about hotel and hospitality digital marketing and they never compromise with quality service. You can completely rely on us and can observe the gradual change on your business. We hope to see you soon!

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