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SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT JUST ABOUT BRANDS CONNECTING WITH THEIR CUSTOMERS BUT ALSO TO BUILD RELATIONSHIP. Social media gives you an opportunity to talk about what you know and what you want to be known for.

The world of digital media offers you a lot but selecting the right option is hard. To understand digital media and the tactics of digital marketing needs knowledge, training and experience. 

The world of digital marketing is very unpredictable and puzzling and thus using the tools and tactics purposefully is a complicated task.

Digital marketing is a broad field providing various opportunities to promote your business. There are many platforms to use and many techniques to apply in order to attract traffic towards your business. We all are connected in social media and people are very active in various social media platforms.

You get maximum audience in social media platforms and thus it can be very beneficial to upgrade your business. But how can you use social media to attract users towards your service? Is posting an update or having a social media page enough to increase your brand’s popularity? Certainly not as there are many such pages in social media platforms and without the right implementation of strategies and techniques, you can’t compete in the market.

Social media is a platform where people communicate, put up opinions, write or post updates and where people get infotainment (information and entertainment). But another amazing benefit of social media is that you can promote your brand through these platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, What’s app, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.

Now what is social media management? Social media management is to create or own a page in a social media platform to promote a business, create brand awareness and advertise your products. Though it is much more than that but before knowing how you can effectively use social media for business promotion. The Social Media Management industry in Mumbai is a very lucrative and competitive industry. With a fast-growing population, over a billion smartphone users, and the world’s second largest English-speaking population, it is no wonder that companies from all over the world have been investing more heavily in digital marketing including social media management.

This section talks about the general overview of Social Media Management in Mumbai. It explains that with a fast-growing population, over a billion smartphone users, and the world’s second largest English-speaking population, it is no wonder that companies from all over the world have been investing more heavily in digital marketing including Social Media Management.



Depending on your target audience, you may choose the right platform for advertising. Or even if you want to draw the attention of all the users, you may try using the most popular social media platform like Facebook or WhatsApp. The benefit is that almost half of the world’s population is active social media users. This means that you get to reach a huge number of users through social media and if you can follow the appropriate techniques to increase your page visibility then your business will be growing faster than ever. This is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and online business companies to expand their business as they get to reach maximum people through a single platform. A social Media Management agency can create, publish, manage and analyze your posts and audiences for you.

2. Faster Growth

Our Social Media Management Agency in Mumbai has a team of experienced Social Media Experts who have a detailed understanding of different Social Media Algorithms and how to utilize them. Proper Social Media Management can help you connect with your audiences as well as reach new audiences. As a huge part of your audience is on social media, you won’t have to resort to different offline marketing techniques. You can reach all of them at once through Social Media Management. Social Media Management Agency can also help you strategize Social Media Marketing plans. You can run ads to reach a wider audience even faster.

3. Cost Effective

Even if you make paid advertisements for social media, they are very advantageous and also of low cost. But the biggest benefit is that to create a page you need very low investment. Social Media Management is mostly organic and does not require paying a lot. You can create and post your content for free. Reach the audience through hashtags free of cost. Social Media management is merely managing the accounts to make it look attractive. But if you want to reach your audience even faster, you can use Social Media Marketing. Compared to any other marketing processes, social media marketing is cost-friendly. You may need some investment to create an optimized and updated social media page and to maintain its performance. Otherwise, there are no other costs. Also, the amount you invest is negligible compared to the profit you gain from social media marketing.

4. Create Brand Identity

Your brand logo and product style creates brand awareness among people. When your posts and advertisements appear continuously on one’s newsfeed, your brand takes up a place on the back of the viewer’s memory. The unique feature of your brand sticks in their mind automatically when they see your posts regularly. Now, when they need products that you are selling, their memory awakes and they revert back to your page. So, here we have to ensure that our posts are visible to maximum people and this will help you to create a brand identity easily. Brand identity is important so that people can distinguish your brand from others. Thus, maintaining a style and a specific trait is necessary to make it easy for the users to identify you.

5. Effective Communication With Customers

Through social media marketing, you can connect to customers personally. If they have a query they may directly inbox you. You may send a personalized message to answer them. This way you develop a good customer relationship. Social media facilitates communication among the seller and the customers thus satisfying the customers. You get to resolve customers’ issues immediately and this way you develop trust among your customers. Once they start trusting you, they will take your business further to more users.

6. Easily Measurable

You get instant feedback from your customer about your service and this helps you to improve. Also you can keep an eye on your page’s performance. You can check how much your page is visible and how many people are seeing your posts regularly. This can help you to understand what else can be added to perform better. When you monitor your online performance, you can detect the loopholes and therefore you may take necessary steps to resolve them and as a result enhance your performance.

7. Helps in Search Engine Ranking

When you start performing well on social media platforms and get good ratings and reviews, search engines also identify you. You get noticed by the crawlers and you get organic traffic to your page. You get a good rank in the search engine result page and more people will visit your business. This is an excellent benefit that can help you to attract an audience in social media as well as in search engines.

Now that you know how social media can fasten your business growth, let us tell you the basic steps to follow in order to create and maintain a well-functioning social media page.

8. Market Research

We need to know about our competitors and analyze the market trend to plan for our social media page. This helps us to build unique and advanced strategies to beat others. Also, before launching a page we must decide our daily targets, our backup plans and other plans to make our page function properly. We need to know about the market very well so that we can present something unique to the audience. We then plan accordingly and make the strategies to compete in the market.

9. Deciding the Platform

Here we decide the correct platform for advertising considering the business type and our target audience. We may choose one platform or can decide to create pages in multiple platforms. We prefer to create pages in multiple platforms to get maximum audience. But here we also consider the risk of handling all platforms together. So, only if you allow us to maintain multiple pages then we may proceed.

10. Creating Content

This is the most important part. If we can’t upload quality content then there is no chance of attracting people. We do all the tasks needed to create content. We have experienced content writers who can explain your brand and service in the best possible way. We also prepare photographs and video content that attract people more and engage them. We add your brand logo and maintain a specific style to create brand awareness. We have experts who are trained in content creating. We also add graphics to add extra charm to the page. Our sole duty is to express your motive, explain your business and portray your products in the best possible way through providing excellent content. Content is the life of a social media page. We decide content based on the chosen platform. In Instagram, without a good photo or video having high definition and resolution, we can never impress people. Whereas in Facebook, along with photos and videos, we must put suitable text with it.

We craft content after thinking and analyzing carefully. We try to create content that strikes people. We tell stories to subtly drag people towards us or portray a product exclusively so that they get convinced easily. We write content that captivates people and intrigues them. So, we basically want to persuade people subtly by providing relevant content. The approach can be direct or indirect but the motive is to pull people towards us.

We try adding social concern and issues to put up a broader topic. This attracts people when we add a social cause in our content. Audience can relate more and get persuaded.

Another important thing is using hashtags. Hashtag trends are very necessary and can help you get more visibility. We decide hashtags for each post that can grab peoples’ attention.

11. Social Media Page Designing

Now we need to decide the look of your page. We decide the profile picture, cover photo, bio, description, contacts, etc. that are needed to create a page. We carefully do this task to include all the information that people generally want to know. So, we note down all the factors to be included and create a design that will suit your business and create a positive impression.

12. Launching the Page and Promoting

This is the time to launch your page and invite people to follow your page. We suggest you provide paid advertisements on the platforms to grab more attention. Paid advertisements ensure increased visibility and you may get more followers through it. We follow many tactics and ways to reach the page to people to alert them about your brand and so that they can visit your page.

13. Measuring Performance

We can now monitor the page performance to see how much traffic we are getting and what response we are receiving. We can check our page visibility and see how much it is attracting and engaging people. We can point out the loopholes and therefore take necessary steps to improve. Also, we take necessary steps to maintain your brand’s online reputation.

14. Measuring Performance

If you don’t update content and your service details, you can never sustain in the market. We regularly produce new content for your page so that people get more involved and interested to see new items. Providing updates shows your sincerity and seriousness thus creating brand value and trustworthiness. We also contact the customers to get feedback.

The process of creating a social media page and maintaining it is quite a difficult task as you need to have extensive knowledge about it and you need experience to use the best tools and techniques for promoting a business.

We have been serving many clients successfully and client satisfaction is our only goal. We understand the challenges of digital marketing and thus we have dedicated our effort to reach the ultimate digital marketing goals. Being the best social media management agency, we ensure that we will do the best to get maximum output.

If you are looking for an agency to help you out with your digital marketing problems, do visit us to get the best service. We never compromise with quality and we assure you to reach your business goals. We hope to see you soon. Good luck!

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